How to Give Good Feedback

In Resources, Team by Russel Dubree


This presentation was created to introduce and train our team on the concept of good feedback using Kim Scott’s book Radical Candor as a foundation.  If you as the business owner and everyone else in the company improved feedback skills by 20%, the results would be monumental.

With this resource you’ll be able to:

  1. Understand the importance of providing effective feedback.
  2. Utilize an effective framework for sharing with others.
  3. Create a common vernacular around feedback.
  4. Improve communication and conflict resolution skills within your  company.


Powerpoint Presentation on Feedback (72mb)
Credit: Kim Scott’s Radical Candor for the concept. Credit: Lifeblue’s Jean, JD, and Brian for compiling presentation.

Update and improve this presentation to match your own unique business needs and sophistication. Do you have a version for your business that would be helpful for others? Please send to and we’ll add it to the site and give you due credit.