Marketing 10×10 Strategy

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These resources provide an effective tool to develop a robust marketing and  lead generation system for your business.  Let’s face it, most businesses fail or under perform because they can’t find enough customers.  The Marketing 10×10 framework provides a simple methodology so you can build strong customer acquisition processes over time.

A few notes on this resource:

  • Each marketing strategy represents a proven and repeatable method you can use to generate leads.
  • Within each marketing strategy you should have defined processes and steps to ensure a particular strategy is consistent and effective.
  • Most importantly, each strategy should have a defined number of leads attributed to that strategy for a given period of time.
  • It’s okay to start out with 1 or 2 strategies. Less is more, especially if those few strategies are effective. The goal is to build more over time.
  • Approach each strategy like a true marketer. Always test, measure, and iterate to increase effectiveness.
  • If a particular strategy isn’t generating enough leads after you’ve continued to test and measure, drop it and find another.

With this resource you’ll be able to:
1. Develop a system for establishing tried and true strategies for lead generation.    
2. Start the path for creating a solid and sustainable lead stream for your business.  
3. Define methods to allow others to build upon and train with.

Screenshoot of Marketing 10x10 downloadable template


Marketing 10×10 Printable PDF
Marketing 10×10 Template (Excel)
Marketing 10×10 Template (Powerpoint)

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