We are Performance Faction.
We manifest High Performance Cultures.

Performance Faction is a scalable growth coaching business with insights, strategies, and tools to help creative and technology service business owners create high performance cultures. Cultures that consistently deliver sustainable, scalable growth and profits. If you are a business owner looking to take your organization to the next level, we offer coaching and consulting services to put your business on the path to exceptional results.
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What can Performance Faction do for you?

If you own a Creative, Marketing, or Technology services company that could benefit from specialized expertise to scale your business, here are a few things Performance Faction can do for you.

  • Establish strong value systems for everyone in your business to follow.
  • Create accountability metrics to keep your goals on course.
  • Collaborate on opportunities to expand your business.
  • Diminish or eradicate consistent problem areas.
  • Increase sales, quality, engagement and profit on the path to building a high performance culture.

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Our Goals


1000 business owners with the tools to create the business and life they want.  


directly with 100 small to medium businesses to build team driven, successful organizations.


$1 billion in revenue for Performance Faction partners.