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Russel Dubree is also a sought-after speaker and thought leader in the digital agency community. He has spoken at numerous industry events and conferences, sharing his insights and expertise with audiences around the world.

Russel is passionate about sharing his insights and expertise with others. His engaging speaking style captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impression. Russel is well-versed in business problem-solving and performance and can tailor his presentations to meet the specific needs of each audience.

Whether you’re looking for a keynote speaker for a conference or a speaker for a corporate event, Russel is an excellent choice for a memorable and impactful presentation.

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Palm Beach County SHRM Annual Conference

Austin Annual SHRM Conference

Kansas Annual SHRM Conference

State of Search Conference

NDPMA Conference (Keynote)

“Success in Business” Speaker Series Plano, TX

Dallas Roundtable Monthly Session

Anna EDC Annual Business Event (Keynote)


AMA Jacksonville

Southern Indiana SHRM

Illinois Valley SHRM

West Central Arkansas SHRM

BCAMA Vision Conference

HRA of Southern Maryland

Southern New Mexico SHRM

Utah ATD

Global Entrepreneurs Week – KC

The 8 Keys to Unlocking a High Performance Culture

Culture isn’t just about perks and fun.  It’s not a buzz word.  We’ve all heard the saying “Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch.” But why?  Culture is the collective sum of the values and accepted behaviors that drive a employee experience within the business. There are 8 essential principles that are critical to making culture actionable and the mosts desirable experience for your team. Discover in-depth insights for each principal supported by various research studies and proven workplace practices.  These 8 keys individually are inconsequential, yet when combined together, will create the culture and business you’ve always wanted. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the 8 critical traits and why they are necessary to build a strong, scalable culture.
    • Belief, Purpose, Integrity, Transparency, Ownership, Mentorship, Fun, Measurement
  • Recall culture stories that exhibit the power of these traits in action.
  • Gather reference points for further information to implement the critical traits into your business. 
  • Make connections of the critical traits to all aspects of life.   

Hire Right: The #1 Challenge that Solves 99 Others

No matter how great of a product, idea, or service a business creates, it’s future is only as bright as its ability to hire the right talent.  Discover all the intricate nuances that go into building a successful hiring process.  From how to find and attract good talent to understanding the critical steps of the interview process that will not only get the best talent in the door but also set them up for long term success.  Hiring the right talent is the first, most important challenge to solve to grow a healthy business. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamental principles behind an effective hiring process.
  • Gather methods for attracting ideal candidates for your team.
  • Create a process for onboarding team members to maximize their experience and ability to contribute.