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Performance Faction offers three options that work with any budget.   Each experience is tailored to your specific goals and needs.  

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Total Performance Review

The TPR (Total Performance Review) is a comprehensive examination of every aspect of your business – from Leadership and Sales to Delivery, Team/Culture, and Financial. This process usually takes 30-60 days, depending on availability and company size. Once completed, you’ll participate in a comprehensive report that covers all the results, findings, and recommendations. We’ll also provide a benchmarking comparison to other agencies so you can see where you stand in the industry.

This option is ideal for larger agencies with 30 or more employees and a dedicated leadership team. It’s also an excellent resource for third-party evaluations related to mergers and acquisitions. With the TPR, you’ll gain valuable insights into the business and actionable steps to take it to the next level.

Performance Coaching

Are you currently unsatisfied with your current pace of growth? Do you want to ensure and insure your business goals become reality? Would you like to do all of this with less stress and faster? Performance Coaching is the angel on your shoulder to allow you to be confident in your business decisions and real-time, targeted guidance to navigate the many challenges in growing your business.

This is perfect for small team agency owners that want to grow or larger agency owners that prefer to have some outside perspective. Interested owners must go through a no obligation Performance Roadmap process to determine fit.

Limited spots are available.

Group Performance Coaching

This option is great for small agency owners who aren’t quite ready for the commitment of individual Performance Coaching. Sessions are led by agency expert Russel Dubree with specific exercises designed to get you through some of the early stage growth obstacles in your business. In addition, you’ll get to collaborate with other agency owners inside and outside of the Performance Coaching sessions.

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