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Insights, Strategies, and Tools to build a scalable, results driven organization for Creative, Marketing, and Technology service agencies.  We manifest high performance cultures.

Who we are.

Performance Faction is focused on guiding business owners in creating and fostering scalable, growth-oriented businesses that are truly people first. Performance Faction adheres to specific principles and values designed to maximize the performance of an organization in order to deliver exceptional quality of product, quality of life, and profit with a purpose. We have curated a wealth of learnings, insights, and resources through our experiences building top notch cultures within a number of organizations. Whether you’re a team of one or one thousand, our methodology can solve any business challenge at the foundational level to create long term value and success.

We manifest high performance cultures by turning a

Potential Business - a good business that has some growth pain points.

into a

Performance Business  - a successful, profitable, and purpose driven business with a high performance culture.

Meet  the Team

Russel Dubree

Photo of Russel Dubree, plant background, grey jacket, white shirt

Favorite Quote:
"It's amazing what you can accomplish, when you don't care who gets the credit."
- Harry Truman

Focus Industries:

  • Creative Services and Agencies
  • Technology Services

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Hi, my name is Russel. I'm a Growth and Culture Advisor. Born and raised in a small town in Missouri, I received my first taste of entrepreneurship at nine years old with a local paper route. It was truly a small business.  I was responsible for purchasing my own papers, delivering  them 6 days a week regardless of weather, and collecting  payment from customers.  I  suspect I didn't make more than $1 an hour most months.  Not a successful enterprise on most accounts, but I certainly learned it was going to take more than just hard work to be successful as a business owner. Fast forward 15 years later.

After graduating college, getting married, starting a family, a tour as an officer in the United  States Air Force, and a few other entrepreneurial endeavors in between, I started a digital agency (Lifeblue) with my business partner and zero dollars.  A dozen books about my 15 years operating this business wouldn't be enough to capture all of the failures, trials by fire, and eventual success I experienced as a business owner.  There is not a single function of the business I didn't immerse myself in to learn how I could make it better, more efficient, and more valuable for those around me. One of my proudest accomplishments was becoming an officially registered B-Corporation.

I sold a majority stake in the company in 2017 at an eight figure valuation. Near the end of 2021, I felt I had run my course, and my time as a digital agency operator reached its end.  My new focus became helping other business owners create successful businesses that are profitable, sustainable, and built to last.  I believe this can happen for any and every business, but it all starts with setting up a high performance culture.

I currently reside in Lucas, TX with my wife of 20 years, Nicole, and our two children Alexis and Jackson.

How We Help Businesses Succeed

Curated Content

We follow leading industry experts and organizations to curate the best of the best when it comes to building high performance cultures. And we share.

Insights & Strategy

We cultivate our collective experience to provide white papers, blog posts, and other media that shed light on best practices for business leaders interested in growing their business that is long term sustainable, scalable, and profitable.

Tools & Guides

We don’t believe it’s enough to simply tell you the best practices. We provide you with a number of business planning tools for evaluating, implementing, and solving the challenges unique to your business.

Growth Advisor

We believe in the power of coaching and getting advice from those that have forged the path. The best athletes in the world have a coach and so should the best business owners and leaders. We have a variety of ways to engage and work with business leaders to help maximize the culture and growth of their organization.

How to work with us.

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2 Schedule a 15 minute evaluation to get introduced and ask questions about our process and methodology.
3 Free Session. If you’re frustrated with the current state of your business, or you just want to fast track your growth opportunities, every potential client gets one free session to see if Performance Faction is right for you.