5 Things I Wish I’d Done Before Selling My Agency

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Imagine selling your marketing agency for over 8 figures and realizing it could have been even better! We’ve all been to the School of Woulda, Coulda, Should, but what if you could rewrite your agency’s success story? Learn from someone who’s been in your shoes and failed just as much as they succeeded.

This webinar is packed with practical knowledge and tips for preparing yourself and your business to sell.

👉 Mark your calendar and secure your spot now! Your agency’s success story is waiting to be rewritten. Join us and embark on a journey to unparalleled agency success. 🚀🌟

About Performance Faction

My name is Russel Dubree and I’m insanely passionate about helping agency owners scale their business in a way that brings profit, purpose, and meaning in their lives. I’ve lived the life of an agency founder and owner myself, and I know what it takes to run a profitable business.

Near the end of 2021, my new focus became helping other agency owners create successful businesses that are profitable, sustainable, and built to last.

I can help you turn your good business into a profitable and purpose driven business.

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