Growth Advisor Services

Performance Faction offers growth advisory and consulting services to help creative, marketing, and technology service business owners build a successful enterprise.   Our engagements are designed to deliver value at every step and provide a strong foundation and framework for your business to build upon.

Do you need a business coach?

Being an entrepreneur and business owner is hard.   It is a constant struggle that requires you to be multiple versions of yourself throughout the course of a day.  If you identify with one or a combination of the personas listed below,  you're a prime candidate for exploring Performance Faction. The greatest athletes, performers, and yes, business owners in the world utilize experts to improve their business. Being a successful business owner is a hard road, but finding someone you can trust to give you the guidance you need allows you to focus on what you do best is priceless.

The Visionary

  • You have big goals and love what you do but just can't seem to make it all work together.
  • Your business has wild swings of instability and inconsistency.
  • You spend more time putting out fires than focusing on opportunities.  You may also tend to ignore those fires outright.

The Expert

  • You have more business than you can handle but you can't solve how to scale. 
  • You rely on 20% of your team to accomplish 80% of the workload.  
  • Initiatives and opportunities are constantly put on the back burner or left half-finished.     

The Rock

  • Your business consistently delivers a quality service  but you're fearful of growth.  
  • You don't trust your instincts when it comes to your business goals.   
  • You have big ideas but it takes a long time to implement.    
Russel's experience in growing and leading a company from the ground up gives him a unique perspective as a coach. He's been able to use this experience to provide me with very valuable insights into all phases of my business. He's helped me implement structure and systems that I wouldn't be using without his help.

David - Owner of SDG, a Wordpress development agency

Benefits of Performance Faction Coaching

Performance Faction is dedicated to helping business owners achieve the business and life they want.  Below are the key challenges most owners face and the right column highlights what working with Performance Faction will do for your business.

From Key Challenges

  • Self-Reliant

    "I do it best". Things only happen when owner(s) involved. Quality doesn't consistently meet standards.

  • The Referral Syndrome

    Business lives and dies by the referral, few lead sources elsewhere.

  • Billing Chaos

    Inconsistent and wild variations in pricing and billing practices vary from client to client.

  • Responsive Team

    Team bases success on owner emotions vs tangible results. Small minority does majority of the work. Likelihood of bottom 10% shouldn't be there.

  • Generic Differentiation

    Vague value proposition. Long list of services with little perceivable difference from competition.

  • Growth Myths

    Growth seems more like headaches than success. Myths begin to form to justify limiting beliefs and business practices.

To High Performance Culture

1 Valuable Positioning.  Establishing a unique brand reputation and differentiation from competition.  The business establishes an identity beyond "cool portfolio."
2 Team Centric.  Tools,  processes, and skills to find, retain, and maximize the talents of a high performance team.  Everyone contributes and  innovates for the benefit of the business and client.

3 Complexity Simplified.   Methods and structure for managing work in a complex, creative environment.  Building blocks  for your own successful system of running a business.

4 Profit with Purpose.   Recoup more value from the success the business delivers with consistent and profitable pricing to maximize cash flow for future growth.

Additional Benefits:

  • Introduction to strategic partnerships and collaborators.
  • Network of other business owners just like you.
  • Connections to talent pools and recruiting resources.
  • Referrals for new clients.

"The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity." 

Amelia Earhart

Total Performance Review

Below is a high level snapshot of the Total Performance Review process designed to gather a thorough understanding of  your business and deliver meaningful results.

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    "I consider the success of my day based on the seeds I sew, not the harvests I reap"

    Robert Lewis Stevenson

    Performance Faction Stories

    See the stories of other business owners that have become part of the Performance Faction and how their business has transformed.


    "Russel's experience in growing and leading a company from the ground up gives him a unique perspective as a coach. He's been able to use this experience to provide me with very valuable insights into all phases of my business. He's helped me implement structure and systems that I wouldn't be using without his help. His coaching style is flexible and tailored to the individual. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with Russel and my business coach, and I know you will too." 

    - David, Simply Design Group

    headshot of Bri Crow with Human Dimensions, caucasian female, wearing flowery jacket with black shirt

    "Russel has not only been an amazing champion for me - he's been a change agent for my business. We first worked together when he was my client at Lifeblue, then he hired me to do headshots and now he's my business coach. In just a few months, he's helped me create more structure for my business operations, created valuable referrals and recommendations, provided critical feedback for my go to market strategies and identified the self-limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I'm so grateful for the transformations he's already brought about through Performance Faction!"

    - Bri, Human Dimensions


    "Russel brings invaluable insights from his wealth of experience in business leadership. He has helped us make informed decisions more quickly, shortening the learning curve at critical moments. He has provided tools to build our business and predict future growth. It has been a major advantage to have a coach who has already 'run the traps' help us see around the curves. It has improved our positioning in the market, and created opportunities we previously would not have had access to. This has made us more excited and confident about our future. It's hard to put a price tag on that."

    - Dustin, The People Brand


    "Don't let Russel's soft-spoken, listen-first approach to coaching and leading fool you. Underneath is an intense bias for GSD (Getting Sht Done). In a reasonably short time (6 months), he's helped us define a clear, inspiring path forward for our agency.

    Our agency has leveled up, and we're confident about our success now that Russel has helped us define and plan for it."

    - Mark, Platform Creator

    headshot of Keisha Whaley, Brand Creator, owner of Brass Tacks Collective

    "I'm passionate about amazing creative and having a strong team.  Through Russel's guidance I was able to transform my business through better forecasting as well as putting the necessary processes in place so that my team can succeed. Especially when I'm not always able to be on point.  Having now solved both the business and creative, my business is on the path towards a better future."

    - Keisha, Brass Tacks