On This week’s episode of An Agency Story podcast, we have Alex Fender – CEO of Funnel Science, a full service digital marketing agency based out of Plano, Texas that

specializes in client success by partnering with companies to help scale up digital marketing, optimize for success metrics, and accelerate business growth.

Alex’s entrepreneurial journey started when he joined the military after finishing high school, an endeavor he had his sights on after seeing Top Gun as a young boy. It was during his time in the Army that Alex accidentally stumbled into entrepreneurship. He started selling car parts on eBay and soon he was making money selling car parts than he was in the Army.

Alex would at some point encounter some medical setbacks that would eventually pave the way for his next entrepreneurial endeavor but not after providing some serious hardships. The Army put Alex up for a medical retirement board at the age of 21. No longer needed to serve his country, he felt heartbroken and depressed. Alex endured excruciating back pain and he realized he wouldn’t be able to work for a civilian employer so he started a debt consolidation business where he would provide debt settlement and debt negotiation helping people pay off their debt.

Unfortunately, Alex’s experience with the marketing industry left him feeling disillusioned. He found that many marketing agencies were more interested in selling services than delivering results. This experience would eventually lead him to start Funnel Science, which would be dedicated to using data to drive results for clients.

Overall, Alex’s dedication to a data-driven approach and his willingness to adapt to changing circumstances in his personal and business life has been the key to Funnel Science’s success. With his eyes firmly set on the future, it’s clear that Alex’s entrepreneurial journey is far from over. This week’s episode feels like a movie unfolding before your own eyes, ears, and imagination.

Enjoy the story.