A Different Kind of Margin


Happy holidays to you and yours! I think you’ll find the subject of this month’s newsletter is timely and fitting.

Where’s the margin at?

For the first time in 2 years, I didn’t send a newsletter email last month. I quite simply ran out of time.

However, maintaining a connection through my newsletter matters. Engaging with my growing list often sparks intriguing conversations.

In business, “margin” typically screams profit, but for me, it’s about time—creating space for what truly counts.

I’ve always said it but maybe only recently realized that less is more when it comes to time.  In full transparency, here are some of my specific recent takeaways, perhaps you can relate to some of them.

  1. Prioritize genuine follow-ups over generic ones after meetings. Authenticity matters in these interactions.
  2. Invest time in planning for as meaningful and beneficial conversations as possible.
  3. Opt for quality over quantity in scheduling conversations. Fewer, more impactful discussions allow me to dedicate my full self to conversations.

As agency owners, the endless chase can be overwhelming. But giving oneself space to focus on crucial tasks, especially relating to people, is key. I truly believe an agency is the most people business out there.

Where can you add more margin in your own journey?

An Agency Story – Featured Episode

Episode graphic for "An Agency Story" podcast with Nicki Purcell - title Lasting - Hosted by Russel Dubree - picture of Nicki smiling in the lower right corner with blonde hair and black blouse.

A vast majority of guests on the show are folks I haven’t had the pleasure of having a long standing relationship with. This episode is quite the exception. Nicki is a long time client, colleague, and friend and you’ll enjoy many of her Insites. Give it a listen!

I hope everyone enjoys some rest and relaxation this holiday and take some time reflect on where you can add more margin to your business (and life).


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