Agency News – November 2022


Podcast is Live!

An Agency Story

Podcast is officially live!  The first six episodes have been launched with one new episode to be released each week until the end of time or I’ve interviewed every agency owner in the world, whichever comes first. 

A Big Thank You

I know Thanksgiving was last week but it’s not too late to be thankful is it?  I wanted to take a moment to Thank You for your time in sharing your story or otherwise supporting Performance Faction and the launch of An Agency Story.  It’s been awesome to meet so many wonderful people and listen to all of the challenges owners have conquered in the course of running their business.  All in all, it’s just been really great to learn and share so many amazing stories. 

Top 3 Surprises

I’ve now recorded over a dozen episodes and talked with over 50 owners and here are the top 3 things I’ve found most intriguing or surprising so far.

  1. Resilience – Everyone I’ve talked with has had to have resilience. Ummm, we just went through a Pandemic, right? No surprise in that it takes resilience to run a successful agency or business. However, I’d say that the more interesting component is that a large percentage of owners I’ve talked to have endured some form of hardship, particularly in their younger years. I’ll let you ponder the how, why, or in-betweens but I definitely found this aspect intriguing.  
  2. Risk – One might think any entrepreneur is naturally a risk taker but that’s not necessarily the case.  There is a wide spectrum of “I woke up one day and decided it was time,” with no clients or head start, to folks that slowly turned a side hustle into a full time business or had an otherwise helpful, no-brainer jumping off point.  
  3. Hardest Question – For the “post-credits” of each episode I ask all guests to retell a comical or humorous story from their time as an agency owner. And boy oh boy are there some good ones. I’m not trying to throw brain buster questions to anyone in the podcast but this by far is the hardest one for guests to answer. To be honest, I’m not quite sure why.  Is it because our mind is in serious mode when we’re talking about business?  Too personal or embarrassing? Fear of not being entertaining enough? You tell me.  After giving some examples and otherwise poking around, we eventually get a good story. So all that to say, I certainly enjoy this part of the show.   

Kim started her business while she was in college and now even has her 11 year old son helping out in the agency. 

Listen to this episode and hear how she built a value driven and profitable agency.

Be Our Guest

Know someone that would be a great guest on the show, like maybe another agency owner?  I’d love an introduction or just send me their email and I’ll do the ask myself.  

I always welcome your thoughts and feedback from my content so feel free to send me a note. Have a fabulous December, holiday, and New Year.  May all your shopping be merry and bright!


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