What is the experience like to work with you? 

I recently returned from an eight day trip to the great World of Disney in Orlando.  It was the most fun beating I’ve ever had in my life.  My body HURT. We walked 60+ miles in 6 days in the various parks.  As bad as my body hurt, my wallet absolutely took the worst of it. Yet, I’m all the more happy for it and before we even left, everyone in the family was talking about when we would go back.  

Disney is certainly one of the pioneers when it comes to creating a great experience. I love the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride, rode it 3 times in fact. Talk about immersion, the new-ish Star Wars area is insane. The coke bottles look like thermal detonators! (sorry non Star Wars fans) But it’s not just the big stuff that makes it a great experience. It’s the thousands of little details. You’ve probably heard some of them. 

They don’t sell gum so it’s not sticking to every surface, including your shoes.
Trash cans every 30 feet. 
Numerous workers cleaning the walkways all day long while also creating leaf piles in the shape of Mickey.
High touch areas are painted every single night!

The list of these minor details is exhaustive, yet in aggregate they speak to the level of care and thought that goes into a great experience.

So back to the question…What is it like to work with you? What is it like to work with me? At Lifeblue we likened our secret sauce to creating amazing experiences. For our clients, for our team, and for our clients’ clients. This was truly the foundation for much of our success.  

So…what are all the opportunities where we can create these near minuscule moments that combined together, make our customers want more of us? Even after we’ve beaten their body and their wallet.  That is a goal worth striving for.    

Enjoy the rest of your summer folks!  


“The Backboard” 

PS.  I always enjoy the feedback I get from these emails so keep it coming.  This time I’d love to hear some of your own little tricks to create a great experience.  

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