Systems get work done faster with less effort.  

I’ve come to the realization that I need more systems to handle all the various components in my business. 

I don’t have enough time to get everything done without more systems.  Given many of the conversations I’ve had with others, I’d be willing to bet a pretty penny most of you are in the same boat.   

Systems can be simple.  Systems can be complex.  Systems are often systems within systems. 

I do have one system I’ve been using since the beginning.  I call it the “The Email.”  A+ for originality right? Once a month, like clockwork, I prepare an email to be sent out on the 8th.   The subject matter is typically a recent thought or otherwise inspiration that I think would be helpful to my audience. I have a few extra steps of posting it on my website and LinkedIn. 

This is now a system because I do it consistently, or perhaps, automatically.  And because this is the 10th email and I’ve worked on optimizing the system, I now can complete the process in 1/3 of the time it took me to do the first. I created a template for the format,  setup an easier way for me to collect and add emails, etc. 

This is a system I will continue to optimize until I am no longer doing what I’m doing.  Perhaps even then, I’ll just optimize further. Optimize for quality.  Optimize for efficiency.  Optimize for value.  I already have a long list of optimizations for “The Email” system.  

Per the beginning of this email, I’m going to need more systems.  I’ve long believed in the philosophy that a successful business, and in particular the most successful businesses, are the best at solving the system problem.  

This is a major focus in my client work as well.  Helping businesses get better systems in place so they can focus on the higher value work and build bigger, better systems. 

So how many systems have you setup and I’m most curious as to which one(s) are your favorite?  Plot twist, it’s not a system if you don’t have a name for it;)    


“The Backboard” 

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Helpful Content

If you haven’t read E-Myth by Michael Gerber, it’s a classic.  Especially as it relates to setting up a systems driven business.  

Don’t like to read, get the gist in a 5 min video.