The Power Of Gratitude


As fellow navigators of the exhilarating marketing agency seas, we share tales of triumphs and trials that not only shape our enterprises but ourselves.

I recently shared a gem of a story from Kristin Chambers of Meerkat Media Group on “An Agency Story” podcast, which was both inspiring and a delightful reminder of the not-so-secret ingredients to keeping one’s sanity when our environment might try to do the opposite.

Gratitude and Self-care.

Kristin describes her path to becoming an “accidental agency owner,” a role many of you might find familiar. Her journey is sprinkled with serendipitous moments and light-hearted misadventures.

Imagine a surprise Shark Tank appearance and a comedic mishap in the desert. These stories aren’t just entertaining; they underscore how embracing the unexpected and maintaining a thankful heart has sculpted her business ethos and resilience.

What really resonated with me was Kristin’s simple yet transformative ritual: a moment of gratitude.

Amidst the whirlwind of agency life, she finds time to reflect on the good—be it a well-slept night or the cheerful chirping outside her window.

This ritual was specifically helpful to Kristen when she was faced with running a business, in the midst of the pandemic no less, alongside significant personal trials.

She speaks about starting her days with a simple yet powerful routine: taking a moment each morning to focus on gratitude. This small practice helped her maintain a grounded perspective, no matter the chaos of the day.

Kristin’s approach to self-care also included giving herself “grace” during times of intense stress, a reminder that we, too, can benefit from acknowledging our efforts and the challenges we face.

Her story is a compelling testament to the idea that our well-being is as crucial as our business strategies.

Integrating these slices of gratitude and self-care into our routine can magically transform not just our personal well-being, but also the way our teams vibe and thrive. It’s about cherishing the small wins and nurturing a work culture where creativity blossoms.

An Agency Story – Featured Episode

Episode graphic for "An Agency Story" podcast with Kristin Chambers - title Thankfulness - Hosted by Russel Dubree - picture of Kristin smiling in the lower right corner.

So, I’m curious—what’s your secret sauce? Do you have a go-to gratitude practice or a fun self-care ritual?


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