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The Power Of Gratitude

In “The Power of Gratitude” on Performance Faction, Russel Dubree narrates how Kristin Chambers of Meerkat Media Group leverages daily gratitude and self-care to foster resilience and a positive work culture amidst challenges.

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Discover “Unmanaged” with Jack Skeels on “An Agency Story” podcast. See how new agency structures transform team autonomy and creativity.

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Warren Buffetting

Learns some great lessons from the Oracle of Omaha and how it applies to your agency. Always be investing and never start a side hustle.

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Agency Success Trait #4 – Positivity

It would be nothing short of tortuous to go about this difficult path of entrepreneurship without maintaining a positive frame of mind while doing it.  The business is going to kick your ass one way or another, so it seems logical that your ability to lick your wounds and keep on going is critical. 

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Agency Success Trait #3 – Simplicity

Simple is hard, but what is hard in business is worth doing. After working with and interviewing hundreds of agency owners, the third trait observed is Simplicity. Successful agency owners keep it simple.

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Agency Success Trait #2 – Structure

Summertime is here. I look forward to hearing about all the summer plans from everyone ambitious and chill alike.  Our youngest son just graduated high school, this might be the most bitter sweet summer to date. Seasons change. In case

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An Agency Story Podcast

First-hand interviews of creative, digital, advertising, and marketing agency owners that have walked the talk of running an agency business.

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