Agency Success Trait #4 – Positivity


Where has the summer gone? It feels like I blinked and summer began and is near ending.  Perhaps this one is a little more bittersweet for me as we’re just a couple of weeks away from sending our youngest off to college.  No more meet the teachers, open houses, or parent conferences for me. Never thought I would say that I just might miss those previously lamented activities.  Certainly a season of change…
In case you missed the last newsletter, we discussed the 3rd trait of successful agencies (Simplicity).   After connecting, interviewing, or working with over a dozen agencies each week, I bring you the final, but perhaps most important fourth trait…Positivity
It would be nothing short of tortuous to go about this difficult path of entrepreneurship without maintaining a positive frame of mind while doing it.  The business is going to kick your ass one way or another, so it seems logical that your ability to lick your wounds and keep on going is critical.
Where Positivity Presents Itself
A question I commonly ask owners I interview is, “What would you go back and change if you could?” The answer I most commonly get…Nothing.  No matter how difficult the situation, most people value the experience over the pain and don’t feel they’d be where they are now if they hadn’t faced certain challenges.  While I’m sure the pain of current challenges don’t seem so valuable, just know that your future self will think of them fondly.
A purpose beyond the dollar bills.  When most owners start, the “have to” of putting food on the table or avoiding their family being on the streets might be purpose enough. But once you get past that, success requires more.  Any owner I talk to that has made it past the scraping by mode says ,”Sure the dollars are great but for me, it’s about XYZ fulfillment or purpose.” The purpose becomes the positivity driver that makes seemingly insurmountable challenges feel like a road bump.
Freedom. I’ve long lost count of the amount of owners I’ve come across that started their business to gain more control over their lives and have autonomy within their work. Of course for most, the somewhat mythical notion of the “4 Hour Workweek” hasn’t become a reality. However, many do gain the flexibility they originally sought and feel much more positive about their work because they are in control of it, not a slave to it…sometimes;) Many attribute this flexibility to the power of the word “no.” Imagine “no” being a positive word, as It is a critical component for every successful agency owner I chat with.

An Agency Story – Featured Episode

Episode graphic for "An Agency Story" podcast with guests Amy Hage and Brittney Trahan - hosted by Russel Dubree
It’s not too often I get to interview a rockstar, a true legit one.  Check out how Mario went from world tours to a world of words.  
 A Website Anew
Last but not least, I’ve got a new website! Very exciting and I’m especially digging the podcast page. Most importantly, I didn’t build this myself and the world is better for it.  Shoot me a line and let me know what you think.
Have a great week!
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