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How long will I last?  How long will you last?   Business is a game of survivors. The best don’t always survive.  The survivors are not always the best.  I guess you could say most of life goes that way.  Case in

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There are no silver bullets.   I may have stated this before.  Nonetheless, its a worthy reminder. So, what is a silver bullet?  For starters, as defined by Mr. Miriam himself: “Something that acts as a magical weapon; especially one that solves a

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As if you didn’t already know, there is no shortage of possible paths you can take in this world, especially if you own or run your own business.  I recently shared a story with my business coach about the worst hire we ever made

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What is the experience like to work with you?  I recently returned from an eight day trip to the great World of Disney in Orlando.  It was the most fun beating I’ve ever had in my life.  My body HURT. We

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Systems get work done faster with less effort.   I’ve come to the realization that I need more systems to handle all the various components in my business.  I don’t have enough time to get everything done without more systems.  Given many

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What got you here, won’t get you there.   I often tell my son that with some ambition and determination, most decently capable people can get to the 80th percentile of a goal or state rather quickly.  Then it gets hard.  

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There is someone on your team not pulling their weight. For every business I’ve talked to over 15 people, this is the case.   This is not a temporary status.  This is a gradual declining situation. You convince yourself you’re just on

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The Curse

Hopefully the subject line didn’t arouse any superstitious fears. However, the Curse of Expertise is real and could be limiting you more than you know.   For those not familiar with the term, the Curse of Expertise is when someone with a particular background or expertise in

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Culture is misunderstood. I was recently writing some content for a marketing piece and went on a quest to find a consistent definition of Culture. I was not disappointed for lack of options.  The Google gave me 267 results before it tapped

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The Word of the Year. It’s not a new concept but it seems as though having your word of the year is quite popular as we’re now 11.2% of the way into 2022. I admit, I didn’t start the year with a word. Which

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