How to Write an Effective Job Advertisement


Write to the Humans

I’ve never quite understood why most companies make their job advertisements read like prescription medication instructions. A job description is what you give a candidate to better understand the specific duties and requirements of the position in direct terms. A job advertisement is what you use to incite interest in the position and your company.  You can provide both, but it is important to note the distinction.  

If you’re selling a product, you don’t give the patent definition in your advertisements to consumers, you tell them the highlights of what they’ll get or do with your product. I’ve always gotten great compliments on the job advertisements I’ve written, but frankly, I’ve always been surprised that they were so different from what candidates were seeing elsewhere.

The interview process is for getting through all the nitty gritty details, so remember to have a little fun when posting your next role and create a job advertisement that you would be excited to apply for.

Here’s a sample starting point I’ve used for a lot of the roles I’ve recruited for in the past.  

Who We Are

We are a digital agency in Dallas, TX focused on working with organizations and institutions that impact the world in a positive way. We’re an iterative, experimental collective of design thinkers that will challenge everything you know about digital design agencies. We are a small, tight-knit group of dreamers and schemers. We are entrepreneurs that embrace working outside of our comfort zone, and love to take on the big “what ifs” of the Web.

Working here means working with purpose-driven innovators, including a few that might even be smarter than you. You’ll be collaborating with experts in a diverse range of backgrounds, including economics, game design, teaching, computer science, writing, fine art, environmental graphic design, mathematics, history, music and public speaking.

Who You Are

“From the first draft script, through all the stages of production, to the final dub, success or failure rests largely in the hands of the producer. Experience in this field does not come overnight. Rather, it is born out of long years of creative and technical know-how, and above all, a love for the job and all that goes with it…” –Julian Wintle, on the Film Producer

You know the intricacies, the details, and all of the focused work that go into creating something great. Solving problems and ultimately completing some of the greatest work of your career. You’re looking for a role where you can live that out daily. The difference now is that you are now doing it by leading and collaborating a team of dedicated craftspeople (just like you) to accomplish the seemingly impossible, the f%$*ing amazing!

What You’ll Be Doing

You are not just building a website, you are helping shape the future of our client’s business. Because your team is counting on you, you’ll live and breathe the client and their business..

We don’t believe in silos, so you’ll work closely with your team to guide the ideation of interactive solutions. You’ll work toward mutual success for our clients as a part of a team, and encourage growth, exploration and open communication. Simply put, you’ll have a chance to think outside creatively alongside some of the best craftspeople to create amazing solutions.

You know how to create meaningful client experiences by being honest and responsive to our clients’ needs. Delivering a premium value for the project budget, and helping them achieve their business objectives above all else.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

An ever-burning desire to continually improve in your role, combined with the humility and self-actualization required to understand yourself and areas where you can improve.

  • Empathy for our clients and genuine desire to help them succeed
  • Natural leadership abilities and affinity for building rapport, internally and externally
  • Familiarity with web development technologies and methodologies
  • Strong problem solving skills; responsive and flexible to evolving responsibilities and changing environment
  • Be a great teammate: listen to others and value opinions, welcome newcomers, promote and encourage a team atmosphere

Why You’ll Be Doing It

  • The opportunity to save the world from bad design
  • Competitive compensation, profit sharing, health/vision/dental benefits, 401(k)
  • 3 months paid maternity leave, 1 month paid paternity leave
  • Flexible scheduling, meaning no set “work hours”
  • Flexible vacationing, meaning no limiting “vacation policy” (and yes, people actually take vacation here)
  • A casual-dress, and a results-only work environment
  • A healthy professional development budget you can use to go to conferences, take classes, buy books, etc.
  • Work alongside a purpose-driven team of exceptional people that balance truth and passion
  • A constantly collaborative environment
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