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Warren Buffetting

Learns some great lessons from the Oracle of Omaha and how it applies to your agency. Always be investing and never start a side hustle.

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Agency Success Trait #4 – Positivity

It would be nothing short of tortuous to go about this difficult path of entrepreneurship without maintaining a positive frame of mind while doing it.  The business is going to kick your ass one way or another, so it seems logical that your ability to lick your wounds and keep on going is critical. 

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Agency Success Trait #3 – Simplicity

Simple is hard, but what is hard in business is worth doing. After working with and interviewing hundreds of agency owners, the third trait observed is Simplicity. Successful agency owners keep it simple.

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Agency Success Trait #2 – Structure

Summertime is here. I look forward to hearing about all the summer plans from everyone ambitious and chill alike.  Our youngest son just graduated high school, this might be the most bitter sweet summer to date. Seasons change. In case

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Agency Success Trait #1 – Discipline

4 Common Attributes We are excited to announce the recent launch of the 28th episode of An Agency Story podcast! As an agency owner, you understand the value of networking and learning from others. Over the last year, I have

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Agency News – February 2023

Spring is in the Air Another month gone by and the weather is getting to the warmer side. Well, at least here in Texas. Unfortunately Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow which inevitably means 6 more weeks of winter if you are one

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Agency News – January 2023

We’re Off! Welcome to 2023! I’m not sure why, but it’s taken me longer than ever to acclimate writing the ’23 as the date lately. I hope you’ve hit the ground running in the new year and have adjusted to the

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Agency News – December 2022

Between clients and podcast guests, I’m excited to hear all the great plans agency owners have in store for the coming year. Best of luck to you all and your endeavors in 2023.    Recession? I’ve recorded about 25 episodes for the

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Is it good or bad to be busy? I love TikTok. I listen to some of the greatest educational and not so educational content I’ve ever come across. I recently happened upon a video where the lead in was, “What is

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Agency News – November 2022

Podcast is Live! An Agency Story Podcast is officially live!  The first six episodes have been launched with one new episode to be released each week until the end of time or I’ve interviewed every agency owner in the world, whichever comes

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