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Thanks for Noticing

Written by Russel Dubree for the YES Community Newsletter. When was the last time you thanked someone? Not just a courtesy thank you for an everyday small task like refilling your soda or handing you your change from a purchase.

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The Gap and the Gain

Welcome to 2022! I’m enjoying all the memes that say how quietly we are supposed to enter the new year so as not to arouse any major disasters. We’ll see how that goes. I tend to not put a lot of stock in the

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I Gave In

I fought it for long enough. I knew I was fighting it.  I preached and pointed to it for so long, yet I didn’t follow through when it was my own time to live it out.  However, as I started talking to more people, I began to realize that some conversations just flowed more easily. I found I was

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What is your Agency worth?

During the 2-3 year period we actively pursued selling our digital agency business (Lifeblue), we had offers with valuations as low as $4M to as high as $15M and everything in between. I used a number of accounting professionals and

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The Stories We Tell

I’m 72 conversations into my goal of 150 by year’s end.  It might be tough to make it with the holidays but I’ll go down swinging.  My most favorite part of all of these conversations is the fascinating stories I’ve heard of

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150 Conversations

Well, it’s been a long ride.  One I wouldn’t trade for the world.  No, I’m not dying or retiring.  As most of you know, I’m making a great leap into a new adventure.  The transition has been bittersweet. I poured

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Say No to the Default Task

The Exciting Start I remember the very first day of starting my own business. It was October 29th, 2006. The time frame between the initial idea, to selling our first website to a client, was three days. To say we

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The Exit – Why It Matters More Than You Think

You are not maximizing the opportunity of a team member leaving. The Dreaded Conversation It starts with that funny feeling when you’re asked to chat outside of normal interactions. When you meet the topic comes quick; you hear the news

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Quick Guide to an Effective Interview Process

Quality Interviews Lead to Quality Hires Do you believe that good things don’t always come easy? Have you heard the saying “Easy in, easy out?” Have you also heard the saying, “hire slow, fire fast?” These aren’t just little quips,

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Marketing for Your Future Team

Priorities in Recruiting Matter So you want to attract quality candidates, eh? It is interesting to me that many companies focus their marketing and branding towards only customers and do not focus on recruiting talented team members. As you may

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